Student Resources

Preparing for class

"The only piece of equipment needed to train is you" - M. Austin Sa Bom Nim

A great aspect of martial arts is that you do not need any equipment at all to train, all that is needed is a small amount of space and a positive attitude. However, when attending scheduled lessons we ask that you bring:

  • A clean Dobok (uniform) and Di (belt). Doboks should be washed after every lesson. You do not need to wash your Di.

  • A filled water bottle.

  • A bag for your personal possessions.

Space is available inside the Dojang on the stage steps for your personal property and footwear. Please ensure this area is kept tidy and the floor of the Dojang in kept clean.

For safety reasons whilst training all jewellery (including watches) must be removed or taped up. If you wish to wear a health monitoring device or watch during training, find an appropriate upper arm sports band or sweat band covering so that the device will not interfere with partner work exercises.

Finally, the tropics can be a sweaty place. If its been an exerting day for you, consider your fellow students and have a quick shower before heading out to class.

Mini Dragon Syllabus

Our Mini Dragon program focuses on engagement, participation and effort. Students will be exposed to many different techniques and exercises, not always "at their level".

Term assessments at week 9 are an opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zone and demonstrate their knowledge and ability. Students who conduct themselves well and can demonstrate the techniques for their level will be promoted to the next belt rank.

Should there a student be unable to demonstrate all their requirements during the assessment, they will be given an opportunity to practise and demonstrate during later classes, and will be promoted on successfully doing so.


Low Block, Front Punch, Front Kick


Middle Punch. Forward Stance.

Orange + Tip:

Upper Block, Roundhouse Kick


Side Kick, Horse Stance

Green + Tip:

Inside to Outside Kick, Jump Kick


Combination Technique: Low Block (in sparring stance), reverse punch (in forward stance), front kick (kick with the back/rear leg), low block (in sparring stance), reverse punch with ki-hap (in forward stance) .

Red + Tip:

Basic Form 1


Ho Sin Sool (Defense against a grab)

Blue + Tip:

Ill Soo Sik (Defence against a punch) + Sparring combinations 1+2

GUP Syllabus

"A Black belt is a white belt that never gave up" - L. Broman Sa Bom Nim

Advancement through the Gup levels is based on the Australian Moo Duk Kwan federations Testing Requirements and will be overseen by a certified Instructor.

The following section lists the requirements by level that students will be assessed on for advancement.

10th Gup (White belt)

  • Blocks: Low, High

  • Strikes: Low, Middle, High

  • Kicks: Stretch, Front

  • Basic Form 1

  • Sparring Combinations: White Belt 1, 2, 3

9th Gup (White belt blue tip)

  • Blocks: Inside to Outside Middle

  • Kicks: Round House

  • Basic Form 2

  • Sparring Combinations: White Belt 4, 5

8th Gup (Orange belt)

  • Blocks: Outside to Inside Middle, Middle in back stance

  • Strikes: Side punch, Elbow Strike

  • Kicks: Side, Jumping Front

  • Basic Form 3

  • Sparring Combinations: Orange Belt 1, 2, 3

7th Gup (Orange belt blue tip)

  • Blocks: Open hand, Two fist

  • Strikes: Reverse middle, Reverse high

  • Kicks: Outside Inside, Back

  • Pyung Ahn Cho Dan

  • One step sparring 1,2

  • Self Defence: Cross Hand 1,2

  • Sparring Combinations: Orange Belt 4, 5

6th Gup (Green belt)

  • Strikes: Spear hand, Hammer fist

  • Kicks: Jumping Side

  • Pyung Ahn E Dan

  • One step sparring 3,4

  • Self Defence: Cross Hand 3,4

  • Sparring Combinations: Green Belt 1, 2

5th Gup (Green belt blue tip)

  • Blocks: High Cross Hand

  • Kicks: Hook

  • Pyung Ahn Sam Dan

  • One step sparring 5,6

  • Self Defence: Same Side 1,2,3,4

  • Sparring Combinations: Green Belt 3

4th Gup (Green belt 2 blue tips)

  • Strikes: Reverse Hammer

  • Kicks: Long back spinning, Jumping round house, jumping inside to outside

  • Pyung Ahn Sa Dan

  • One step sparring 7,8

  • Self Defence: Two on one 1,2,3

  • Sparring Combinations: Green Belt 4

3rd Gup (Red belt)

  • Block: Choi ha dan mah kee

  • Kicks: Short back spinning, Jumping back, jumping spinning hook

  • Pyung Ahn O Dan

  • One step sparring 9,10

  • Self Defence: Two on two 1,2,3,4

  • Sparring Combinations: Red Belt 1

2nd Gup (Red belt blue tip)

  • Strikes: Double backfist

  • Kicks: Reverse roundhouse, jumping spinning inside to outside, jumping spinning outside to inside

  • Passai Hyung

  • Ni Hanji Cho Dan

  • One step sparring 11,12,13,14

  • Self Defence: Side Grabs 1,2 Rear Grabs 1,2

  • Sparring Combinations: Red Belt 2

1st Gup (Red belt 2 blue tips)

  • Chil Sung E Ro Hyung

  • One step sparring 15,16,17,18

  • Sparring Combinations: Red Belt 3

  • Demonstrated proficiency in all lower material